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Let the journey begin!

Episode 1:  (September 17th 2018)


WOOF For Dog Lovers warmly welcomes you to part take in the journey into the diverse universe of glorious dog lives visiting various splendid dog homes and presenting their lovely (and proud) owners.

We are Jessica and Jeanette, the founders and creators of WOOF For Dog Lovers, and we are oh so exited to finally launch our carefully crafted brand, after a year of magic creativity. With our range of quality designed functional products, joyful collaborations and ideas to be inspired by, we hope to brighten up your home, your mind and not the least, the everyday life with your dog.

The WOOF Tails Chronicles is here to praise the fact that dogs and dog lovers all exist in different shapes and different space, in numerous fashions, ways and walks of lives, and perhaps best of it all; they are surrounding all of us, everyday. May it be as dog owners, dog sitters or dog walkers. Or just dog admirers.

With joy, inspiration and style we wish to share precious moments and unique stories with you, every week.  And what could be more suitable than launching our Sputnik rocket of dog all stars in this the official Chinese Year of the Dog 2018?

Each week a new story will be added to our WOOF Tails Chronicle, and for those of you who want the tales taken directly to you by email, please subscribe to our WOOF Tails Chronicles in the footer of the wooffordoglovers.com start page.

In this, our very first WOOF Tail episode, however we are happy to introduce you to the marvelous designer of our Marble collaboration series of the color sparkling fabrics Mint, Mimosa, Mare and Manet.

We are so thrilled to have you, and Lorenza, on board –  bon voyage!

/Jessica & Jeanette

Founders and Creators of WOOF For Dog Lovers


PHOTO ABOVE-CRED: Let us introduce you to our WOOF Tails dog model Sheila 
– please follow her and the photographer @aladiia on Instagram for more


WOOF Tails Chronicles


L  O  R  E  N  Z  A      W  A  L  K  E  R 




Lorenza Walker is the 28 years old experimental artist and designer
residing in Oslo, Norway, who we collaborated with to design the
passionate patterns for the WOOF Marble collection.

Here is her tale:

Growing up, Lorenza was encouraged to do arts and crafts; weaving, sewing and drawing became her path to learn about history and traditions. Being taught at a young age that creativity has no limits became the gateway to her current professional life. Curiosity has ever since been her best tool.

With a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration from Oslo National Academy of The Arts in 2017, Lorenza found her best practice: being spontaneous and letting curiosity lead the way, listening to what the instinct tells her.

Her marble works first came about in 2016 as Lorenza passed by a showcase of designed marbled paper. This reminded her of the old books she used to love as a child, with marbled paper on the inside of the cover, which there and then sparked an excitement to sign up for the next workshop.

The organic aesthetics of the patterns and the meditative process creating them is what intrigues her the most. The technique resonates with her passion to learn old school techniques,
combining them with modern forms and platforms.

With the Marble collaboration with WOOF For Dog Lovers,
Lorenza wishes to bring the art of marbling into peoples lives and homes
in a variety of forms and functions, beyond the books of her childhood.




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