WOOF Tail Chronicles
Episode 4 – 10th of October 2018



Dear all of you who have been waiting;
Sometimes things do not happen the way you expect them to, but then again, that unexpectedness might be a hidden opportunity…as for us.

The WOOF For Dog Lovers launch was planned to happen in September and we were all thrilled and all set to send out our very first WOOF collections to the world. We went live…and then, technical challenges happened.

Our rocket launch moment came to an anticlimax as we realised there were solutions out of our galaxy to reach for – this however has given us the unexpected pleasure to see the magic of our prelaunch period happen, which comes with a happy ending.

Greetings from magical moments in the everyday lives of our first customers starting arriving to our inboxes:




We do what we love and love what we do (and we hope that you will love WOOF too), and we feel thankful and exited to see the result of what we created in the past year come true. Happy to hear from of those who found us, hence the technical challenges, in this lingering time of waiting for the real launch.

Those who have surfed along to our web shop out of curiosity seeing our Instagram and Pinterest posts and managed to get themselves a bed for their dogs (and children), travel beds for their pets and exclusive art prints for their living room wall; thank you, we hope you will enjoy it. The ones who has subscribed to the WOOF Tail chronicles, and the ones who said yes please to starring in it, thank you too, and welcome to discover more stories from the world with dogs.

To the ones who are still about to discover more about WOOF For Dog Lovers: very welcome to share, care and dare to contact us for any comments, requests or inquiries.

Finally; the WOOF For Dog Lovers website and shop are now officially open!


To celebrate this event our treat for you is

F R E E   S H I P P I N G
on all products throughout this week in our web shop!


We wish you and your pet a pleasant journey.


Jessica & Jeanette

Founders and creators of WOOF For Dog Lovers

Author Jeanette

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