is a Swedish artist, illustrator and dog portraitist with a BA in illustration and graphic design from Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm. Erik started off his career as a fashion illustrator and has over the years worked in various fields, however his combo love for dogs and art led him to painting portraits of dogs.

Erik Hedin amongst his art work and his italian greyhound Fari.

Today his artwork is frequently seen in media and Erik portrays many beloved pets on commission on a regular basis. Sketching in ink is Erik´s passion and WOOF Ink is therefore his signature design.

The dog illustrations made for the carefully selected and exclusive range of WOOF Ink products, such as cushions, beds, a tote bag, wallpaper and art prints, are each made from original ink drawings. Hence individually handmade, with a care for the specific characteristics and expressions of each dog.

With the WOOF Ink collection Erik wishes to add playfulness and style to the homes of people with a great love for their dogs.

/Jessica & Jeanette,
WOOF for dog lovers