To us, a home without our dogs is not a home. Not really.

Our dogs are essentially important family members that have a natural space and place in our everyday lives; they have their own beds, kitchenware to eat where we eat, their leach and outdoor clothing hanging in the hallway as well as their own toothbrush and toiletries in our bathrooms. In few words, our dogs and their things share space with us and our things. The home where we spend our quality time should be an aesthetic and joyful environment to share time with our beloved family and friends, including the dear ones with paws.

We hope that WOOF For Dog Lovers´ carefully created and selected design will bring you and your dog as much joy and beauty that it does to our lives, without compromising on your living environment.

Jessica & Jeanette,
Founders and creators of WOOF For Dog Lovers


Photography by Ted Soost (left photo)