Quality, Sustainability & Beauty. Tobex makes our woven dreams come true

To us, creating the WOOF products with our mindset on sustainability for the environment, the people, the animals and the future, is core to our concept. That is why we choose what we believe to be Sweden´s best, and beyond us widely acclaimed, craftsmen at Tobex to print our pattern on quality fabric with clean printing methods. Tobex is a Swedish award-winning digital textile printer that started out in 2000 in the outermost textile district of Borås in the western part of Sweden, and they are indeed printing with a minimal environmental impact.

In an interview with the Swedish textile sector organisation Swedish Textile- och Fashion Industries (read the whole article in Swedish on the TEKO website) the owners Torbjörn Johansson and Eva Théen-Johansson say: “We have chosen to work only with water-based colors, simply because of the environment and because we feel it’s best for us who work here too. All our colors have the Öko-Tex Standard 100 product class 1 certification and are approved for baby and children’s clothes. So if we print a flag for example, the colors on it are approved for baby and children’s clothes, which is quite special”.

Quality is key. To us and to Tobex. A secret recipe to the successful outcome of the Tobex production is printing with pigment, dispersion and reactive colors, which makes it possible to print patterns and images on virtually any textile material. Tobex´s customers, such as Woof, can therefore get their prints done on their own fabrics as it does not require any special preparation for digital printing but must have a normal pre-treatment, done inhouse by Tobex themselves. Result: a clean fabric textile free of weaving- and spinning chemicals.

With a total of eight people working in the company who all strive to make the most out of every single request, the print is carefully followed up in detail with customers like WOOF, to make each designer vision come true and make a most satisfying product for the final client, you. Both Torbjörn and Eva have a history of fabric experience; Torbjörn is a chemistry engineer specialized in textile chemistry and Eva masters the tailormade designer solutions. Tobex offer thousands of possible colors, are flexible to the various demands of the customers and produce at a fast pace with short delivery notice. For us at WOOF, an advantage of what Tobex offers is the possibility of printing our prototypes to get to the perfect cushion texture and nicest pattern coloring. and we can create our limited editions, printing only the amount of bedcovers that we actually sell: no waste, an important factor from a sustainability perspective.  Tobex has received many awards throughout the years in the international FESPA Awards Competition, which testifies to the company’s great know-how. Last year they won the silver medal for an “Animal Printed Cushion Cover”. We hope that our collaboration with Tobex will be as good as gold for you and your fury or human animals and shine in your home environment.

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